Semi-submersible vessel details

Semi-submersible vessel details

Semi-Submersible vessel (Semi-submersible ships) is dedicated to the overall large equipment can not be divided, with a focus on specialty large transport ships, these large goods, including non-powered ships, locomotives, large prefabricated bridges, oil drilling platforms. The construction of semi-submersible ship technology is very complex, only the Netherlands has had such a monopoly of the ship and the international market. China is second with transport oversized cargo “semi-submersible vessel”countries. At present, only more than 10 ships around the world similar to the vessels, which all of China’s COSCO Group, “Tai-mouth ” and its sister vessel “Tai Shing mouth ” is one of the most advanced design, features the most complete, most useful operations on behalf of the special The most advanced level of the ship.

Semi-submersible semi-submersible vessel, also known as the mother ship, which by itself is the adjustment of ballast water, the cargo deck into the water, so that the carriage of specific goods to be (such as barges, yachts, ships, drilling platforms, etc.) float from the specified location Semi-Submersiblevessel loaded into the deck of the goods to the designated location.

Semi-submersible vessel operating principle is very similar to the submarine, the difference is not the submarine into the water to all, while the semi-submersible vessel to submerge half, this is the origin of the name semi-submersible vessel.

In handling, it adopted its own ballast water adjustment, the loading deck into the water, so that the highest point of loading the deck, below the specific goods (such as barges, yachts, ships, drilling platforms, etc.) of the maximum draft. These goods can use its own power, or drag and drop directly to the Semi-Submersible floating deck above the cargo ship. At this time and through the semi-submersible vessel discharged ballast water, hull floating, so that goods can be loaded directly on the deck and lashing requirements to connect the goods to the specified location.


Equipment orders will not be short-lived marine

Equipment orders will not be short-lived marine

With prices high, continued to be active marine orders. Oil price stays at 60 to 70 U.S. dollars / barrel and above, deep-sea oil and gas exploration and development is profitable, there is protection of marine equipment requirements. Since last October, the world has the explosive growth of marine orders.

So far this year, orders for jack-up platform 24 +6 seats, Semi-Submersible platform 4 +2, +7, Block 25 drilling rigs; well drilling equipment orders for 53 total, close to the last round of business cycle (2006 to 2008 ) the annual average of about 60 total orders, orders for drilling rigs over the whole year of 2008, the level of 19; and structure has changed, deep-sea devices (semi-submersible, drill ships) increased the proportion of full compliance ” progressive approach, “the judge.

Hot marine orders is expected to continue

We believe that the marine engineering equipment industry is a long period; marine orders will not be short-lived: the explosive growth in the first half of this year, or next year will be the second half of rapid decline. Progress from the time point of view, the marine orders associated with the spot price of oil is not, and the owner of the next year’s oil price is expected to closely related; We believe that the oil price increase this year, the owner of oil next year expected, next year’s marine equipment investment is likely to be higher than this year. However,Semi-Submersible the first half of the arrangement may be the relative concentration of investment in the construction phase plan is expected to order remains active in the second half of this year, but slightly less than the first half.

Big companies will receive a single marine

From this year to undertake marine order situation, the main marine base is a large single-Korea, Singapore and other traditional powers are divided marine and domestic companies received fewer orders. We believe that this is consistent with a single custom marine products, high technology, the inherent characteristics of higher intervention threshold. With major domestic enterprises currently holding the continuous marine successful delivery of large single, the first single performance be sure, the gradual elimination of the adverse effects of the individual, will inevitably bring new order to undertake. This year, the COSCO Shipyard outstanding orders, ship Heavy Industries, Waigaoqiao [13.11 0.15% stock it] in the set of Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, Raffles City and other orders have to negotiate.

After 3 years, Semi-Submersible60 billion cost of the sixth generation of 3,000 meters deep semi-submersible drilling platform “Offshore Oil 981” successfully delivered on Monday in Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, creating the world’s first 6 and 10 the first time, as the ship Group work orders to undertake the sea lay a solid foundation.

You gotta love this!

You gotta love this!
I am in an artist’s world: more Paul Gauguin than Picasso… fields of light-dappled corals, Semi-Submersibleturrets and striations stretching into miles of splendour. A surreal kaleidoscope of colours: a cumulative act of small, humble, coral polyps and their symbiotic relationship with algae, which are responsible for much of the colour. Covering more than 3,000 sq km, it’s the only living structure visible from outer space. I am at the Hardy Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and longer than even the Great Wall of China.

We take Fantasea’s high-speed catamaran to the giant pontoon permanently moored at the edge of Hardy reef. This pontoon has won many tourism awards for its unique location and activities. On the ride to the reef we are filled in with factoids about the kinds of reefs, the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ corals, Semi-Submersibleand the plethora of sea-life unique to this region. The stocky Bunitj demonstrates the use of life-saving equipment, peppering the talk with typical Aussie humour.

There are easy-to-follow snorkelling trails and a range of options to choose from. There is the ‘Reef sleep’ — a unique experience where you can spend the night on the reef, watch the marine life as the sun goes down and feast under the stars, all of which sounds perfect for a honeymoon! There’s also a family room with bunk beds.Semi-Submersible My ‘certified’ diver friends descend into the balmy waters in ‘buddy pairs’ while I have my first snorkelling experience with Emily Smart, a marine biologist, who leads our nervous group of swimmers into a magical world. We wear special lightweight ‘stinger’ suits in fluorescent colours of pink, sea-green and even yellow, giving us the appearance of the clumsy but cute Teletubbies. The suit offers protection from the lethal irukandji, or box jellyfish, in these waters… We also don flippers, masks and mouthpieces, and learn to get our breathing right.

Prosafe eyes rising rig demand

Prosafe eyes rising rig demand

The Oslo-listed company did, however, Semi-Submersiblepost a weak first-quarter result as revenues slumped and expenses shot up.

Prosafe’s six accommodation rigs are on bareboat charter to Mexican state giant Pemex, and the company expects stable demand in Mexico as the country tries to ramp up oil production at the Cantarell field.

In the North Sea, technological developments and high oil prices is expected to lead to higher activity in terms of improved oil recovery (IOR).

“Consequently, the outlook for modification, IOR and maintenance projects over the coming years appears positive,” Prosafe wrote in today’s bourse announcement.

“Based on the high exploration and development activity offshore Brazil, the long-term demand picture looks promising. There is also potential for increases in demand in the short-to-medium term, but timing remains uncertain.

“In summary, the demand outlook for semisubmersible accommodation rigs for the core market regions appears to be positive. Furthermore,Semi-Submersible there is a growing interest for semi-submersible accommodation rigs in other regions.”

In the short term Prosafe saw its first-quarter net profit slip from $26.8 million a year ago to $6.8 million in the three years to the end of March. This was largely due to a drop in revenues from $87.4 million to $71.1 million while operating expenses were up almost $10 million.

Tullow makes $305M deal to increase Jubilee stake

Tullow makes $305M deal to increase Jubilee stake

Tullow Oil Plc agreed to buy the offshore Ghanaian interests of EO Group Ltd. for $305 million in cash and shares, Semi-Submersibleincreasing its stake in West Africa’s biggest oil discovery in a decade.

The acquisition will boost Tullow’s interest in the West Cape Three Points license by 3.5 percentage points to 26.4 percent, and the Jubilee oil field by 1.75 percentage points to 36.5 percent, according to a statement today.

“This purchase further demonstrates Tullow’s long-term commitment to Ghana and our belief in its significant remaining potential,” said Chief Executive Officer Aidan Heavey.

Tullow’s second deal of the week follows the $424 million purchase of Nuon Exploration and Production BV, boosting its North Sea output by 70 percent. Jubilee, which is operated by Tullow, is pumping about 70,000 barrels of oil a day after production started last year.

Tullow’s partners in Ghana are Kosmos Energy Ltd., Anadarko Petroleum Corp.,Semi-Submersible and Ghana National Petroleum Corp. Jubilee, which was discovered in 2007, is expected to produce the equivalent of 120,000 barrels a day by mid-year and has potential resources of about 1.8 billion barrels.

The West Cape Three Points block contains other assets that Tullow plans to develop.

Oil rig anchors in Rupert en route to Alaska

Oil rig anchors in Rupert en route to Alaska

Rupertites caught rare sight in the Prince Rupert Harbour over the weekend: an oil rig mounted on a Semi-Submersible Cosco vessel (pictured above).

The Cosco Kang Sheng Kou arrived on May 27, on the way to Alaska, and left on May 29 after spending the weekend in the Prince Rupert Harbour. According to Michael Gurney, the manager of corporate communications with the Prince Rupert Port Authority, the vessel was diverted to Vancouver after it left the harbour yesterday.

According to Faith St. John, a media relations agent with the Canadian Border Services Agency, the ship and rig was en route to Alaska from Texas. She also said the ship can semi-submerge in order to load cargo.

Neither Gurney nor St. John could say why the Kang Sheng Kou was in the harbour.

But according to Platts, an oil & gas trade publication, the Chinese vessel was in dispute with the US Department of Homeland Security, Semi-Submersibleand this dispute had not been resolved as it neared its destination of Cook Inlet.

According to Petroleum News, another trade publication, the company that owns the rig, Escopeta Oil, had requested a waiver to the Jones Act, an American law that requires all goods transported between U.S. ports to be carried by U.S.-flagged ships. Petroleum News reported on May 29 that the Secretary of Homeland Security did not issue a new waiver to the Jones Act.

Muskeg News tried to contact both Escopeta Oil and the State of Alaska for comment, Semi-Submersiblebut their offices were closed due to Memorial Day in the U.S.

The rig on the Kang Sheng Kou is a jackup rig, which, according to the Schlumberger oilfield glossary, is a combination of a drilling rig and floating barge. The legs, which are seen upright in the photo above, are jacked down to the seafloor once it arrives at the drilling location; the rigs are usually found in offshore waters up to 91 metres deep.

Zhejiang Shipbuilding first to “fear after “

Zhejiang Shipbuilding first to “fear after ”

Shipbuilding industrial development of marine economy in the traditional items, Semi-Submersiblebut the national shipbuilding industry in the context of excess capacity, shipbuilding still be carefully written in the marine economic development of the pen. In the new round of development, how to avoid the homogenization of competition, industrial restructuring and upgrading needed to achieve the overall essay.

Zhoushan Shipbuilding Strong City, facing the marine economic development, proposed to build ships in Zhoushan industrial clusters, focusing on supporting the development of large oil tankers, large container ships, cruise boats, special ships and other products, to the “Twelve Five”, the city shipbuilding industry output value reached 120 billion yuan, the annual shipbuilding capacity of 10 million dwt completed, Semi-Submersiblerepairing the country’s total share value of 20%, 5 enterprises into the national top 20.

Taizhou is the leading shipbuilding industry. Taizhou raised to 2015, the city’s shipbuilding capacity will reach 10 million deadweight tons, to achieve 30 billion yuan in industrial output; the formation of 15 in line with modern shipbuilding mode of modern small and medium shipbuilding assembly plant; special ships more than 30% proportion. The formation of the “three shipbuilding base, two supporting industrial park, two service centers,” a new pattern of industrial capacity ship.

Ningbo proposed the formation of 400 million dwt / year capacity, the Yangtze River Delta region into an important modern shipbuilding industry base. According to “ship industrial restructuring and upgrading action plan” put forward in 2012, Wenzhou shipbuilding industrial output value reaching 70 billion yuan, with the construction of 10-ton ship capacity and strive to build a distinctive advantage of the shipbuilding industry base and supporting the production base.

Conservative statistics, 2015, only Zhejiang Zhoushan, Taizhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, dwt shipbuilding four cities to undertake the equivalent of a new year of 2009, orders the ship. In China’s shipbuilding industry is facing structural overcapacity situation, the development of shipbuilding industry in our province to be further optimized.

“At present the country’s shipbuilding industry overcapacity, and we obviously feel that the more scientific and technological content of the vessel, sell better, more focus on scientific and technological progress of enterprises, Semi-Submersiblethe more orders later.” Zhejiang Ocean Shipping and Architectural Engineering Teacher Zhang Zhaode said.